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Innovate ABQ Board Expansion

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Innovate ABQ Board Expansion

Innovate ABQ announces President Kathie Winograd of Central New Mexico Community College as Innovate ABQ’s newest board member

“It is exciting to see a community bring together its greatest assets to create a one-stop shop approach for companies, entrepreneurs, inventors and investors, from innovation lead to Main Street and micropreneurs. We are truly doing work that we believe will set Albuquerque apart from other cities as the best place to start and grow a business.” Terry Laudick, Chair, Innovate New Mexico.

This week Innovate ABQ announced the addition of Dr. Katharine Winograd, President of Central New Mexico Community College (CNM), to the Board of Directors. The announcement marks a distinct step in the organization’s mission to strengthen Albuquerque’s economic base and to provide a “work, live, play community” for entrepreneurs. Winograd’s appointment will foster collaboration and inclusion in the downtown innovation hub by inviting a population of more than 28,000 students, educators and staff to the table. The 14-person Innovate ABQ Board now includes representatives from both of Albuquerque’s premier postsecondary institutions as well as banks, businesses and the State of New Mexico.

“CNM is dedicated to providing the kind of access and opportunity that can improve the lives of every citizen in central New Mexico,” said Dr. Winograd. “Whether that’s traditional education, training in specific skills, entrepreneurial endeavors or fostering innovation. With CNM at the table, I feel confident that our college will contribute significantly to the guiding tenants of Innovate ABQ.”

The appointment comes just months after Innovate ABQ broke ground on the Rainforest Building, demonstrating important milestones as it nears its scheduled opening in August 2017. But, more than that, it is a key step toward the long-term mission of access, diversity and growth in the city’s economic landscape. “I think a lot of people in our community still think of Innovate ABQ as a real estate development project, but it is so much more than that,” says Jessica Eaves Matthews, Liaison for the Innovate ABQ Board of Directors. “The real estate development is critical to our success, but … the most exciting part of Innovate ABQ is just on the horizon, and I can’t wait to be able to start to unveil it to the public.”


The inclusion of CNM on the Innovate ABQ Board is a demonstration of our aligned contributions around job creation and economic mobility for all in Albuquerque.

Innovate ABQ is a cornerstone of our work to ensure people are prepared for employment, that places enable people to connect to available opportunities and that more jobs and wealth are created for residents.

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