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6000 CABQ Employees Learn to Think Like Entrepreneurs

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6000 CABQ Employees Learn to Think Like Entrepreneurs

The City of Albuquerque takes the effort to make Albuquerque the most entrepreneurial city in the United States to heart. They have trained 6000 city workers in the entrepreneurial mindset.

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  • Image of Clay Space
    Entrepreneurship Inbetween: Where Bitcoin Meets New Mexico Film
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    Clay Space is a 21-year-old Albuquerque entrepreneur who raised over $1 million in 48 hours in a way that could revolutionize the future of film.
  • Baltimore
    With $1.5 Billion in Spending Power, Albuquerque Institutions Can...
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    Our public sector in Albuquerque purchases over $1.5 billion in goods and services each year. So, where do those dollars go?
  • InnovationAcademy
    Lobo Labs: A New Course for Student Entrepreneurs
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    This year the innovationAcademy has over 580 students enrolled, and a new place to call home and a new course called Lobo Labs.