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Racial Equity in Albuquerque: What Does It Take

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Racial Equity in Albuquerque: What Does It Take

In February Albuquerque brought leaders in our community together to share insights with Living Cities on what it takes here to do racial equity work.

In late February Living Cities and Integration Initiative directors from across the country visited Albuquerque for a two-day convening to touch base on challenges and opportunities in the work to drastically improve outcomes for low-income people.

During the convening Albuquerque had the opportunity to share what we have achieved so far with our fellow Integration Initiative cities. One of the key discussions was what it takes in Albuquerque to do racial equity work. It was an opportunity to bring together leaders from across Albuquerque to share insights, highlighting the distinct opportunities, assets and challenges we have in Albuquerque.

Panelists included:

Rob Del Campo – UNM InnovationAcademy
Kara Bobroff – Native American Community Academy
Elizabeth Cuna – United We Dream and UNM Dream Team
Dr. Gabriel Sanchez – UNM Professor, Political Science
Synthia Jaramillo – COO, Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce
Vanessa Roanhorse – Roanhorse Consulting and Small Business Resource Collaborative
Dr. Frank Mirabal – City of Albuquerque

Racial equity has been a central focus area as we work on creating strategies and tactics to increase economic mobility and create more jobs in Albuquerque. Later this month we will begin a video series covering the topic of racial equity in Albuquerque more in depth, so stay tuned. In the meantime, some takeaways:


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