Lobo Labs: A New Course for Student Entrepreneurs

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Lobo Labs: A New Course for Student Entrepreneurs

This month, the innovationAcademy will move into its new home at Innovate ABQ. The move comes with some exciting developments for student entrepreneurs.


In 2015 we caught up with one of our leadership partners, Rob DelCampo, who then was busy developing out the innovationAcademy at UNM to introduce ideation, creativity and entrepreneurial thought into existing courses and new courses alike.

One of the goals of the innovationAcademy is to change the way UNM teaches based on the way students learn. Its curriculum is centered on experiential, in-the-field training that cuts across disciplines and breaks out of the classroom, placing students in contact with established businesses and entrepreneurs.

The innovationAcademy rounded out its first year with over 420 students in the program, a tremendous response considering they expected 15. Out of these 420 students, 14 student-run companies are currently in business, and combined they have raised approximately $1.2 million in venture funding.

This year the innovationAcademy has over 580 students enrolled, and a new place to call home. Now, with Innovate ABQ weeks away from opening the doors to its first building, the UNM Lobo Rainforest, we wanted to catch back up with Rob and see what resources are out there for students interested in gaining hands-on know-how to start and grow their own businesses.

What is on the horizon for the innovationAcademy?

Rob: “The innovationAcademy is all about connecting students with established businesses and entrepreneurs. One of our big hitters this year is Creative Startups. We’re collaborating with them on Lobo Labs, a for-credit course that’s a cross between a boot camp and an accelerator program.

“The course will be co-taught by Dr. Alice Loy, who is the Co-founder of Creative Startups and Dr. Lena Ramfelt, who has taught entrepreneurship, marketing and innovation at Stanford University and Stockholm School of Economics. It’s really exciting to have experts like these made accessible to UNM students who are interested in transforming their creative ideas into viable products.

“Lobo Labs curriculum will include topics like customer discovery and development, business formation and structures, cash flow projections, and creating a sales pipeline for creative businesses.”

How do students sign up/get involved?

Rob: “There is still time for students to sign up for Lobo Labs! Students are welcome to register for the course on their MyUNM account until August 14th. Undergraduate students should register for both classes using CRN 60733 for the week-long intensive and 60390 for the eight-week course. Graduate students can contact Tiffini Porter at to request the required permissions and CRN for graduate credit.

“And to get involved with the innovationAcademy, UNM students can simply fill out the application form online.”

The link for the application form is here:


Lobo Labs was conceived when the innovationAcademy and Creative Startups joined forces to enter a proposal into the Albuquerque Mayor’s Prize for Entrepreneurship. The team was awarded $50,000 in funding to create and implement the course. Learn more about the Mayor’s Prize for Entrepreneurship here.


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