Funding Timeline: Over $30 Million for homegrown jobs, racial & income equity

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Funding Timeline: City Alive’s Funding & Aligned Contributions Since 2014

This funding timeline outlines direct City Alive funding as well as aligned contributions by leadership partners.

City Alive partners have been working toward a shared vision of job creation, economic mobility and racial equity since 2014. The goal of creating 10,000 new living-wage jobs in Albuquerque with a focus on income and racial equity is a big, long-term goal that requires continuous effort and action at social, institutional and systems levels.

To accomplish this large-scale goal, leaders and institutions from various sectors have aligned under City Alive’s shared vision and committed to taking action to support the four types of entrepreneurs. This is called collective impact. Together we are working to address a challenge that no one organization could solve alone.

As a collective impact initiative, City Alive and its partners have raised over $30 million dollars over the last four years to support efforts that are moving the needle to address our toughest economic challenges. From talent and skill development, to increased access to capital, to efforts for economic inclusion and racial equity, City Alive and its partners have made strides toward creating a healthier, more stable economy with more living wage jobs and more income that reaches every household in Albuquerque.

This funding timeline outlines direct City Alive funding as well as aligned contributions by leadership partners.

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