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The 5 Most Common Questions, Answered

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By City Alive Staff | September 20, 2017 By City Alive Staff | September 20, 2017 By City Alive Staff | October 17, 2017 City Alive’s North Star is homegrown job creation. Our goal is to add 10,000 net new jobs by the year 2025. These 10,000 jobs are defined as living-wage jobs that create opportunities for low income people …

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Working Together to Get Ahead – Sylvia Vasquez’s Caterpillar Clubhouse

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September 26, 2017 The average cost of child care in New Mexico is nearly half of a minimum-wage worker’s income. With one in four children living in poverty in the state, child care providers like Sylvia Vasquez have to learn to navigate public funding, which accounts for nearly 50 percent of the industry’s revenue. For Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs this can prove …

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Entrepreneurship Inbetween: Where Bitcoin Meets New Mexico Film

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With $1.5 Billion in Spending Power, Albuquerque Institutions Can Be Engines of Change

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  This strategy of encouraging large institutions to spend their dollars locally (for example purchasing paper from a local paper manufacturer or hiring a local demolition firm for construction needs) can dramatically improve results for all types of local businesses in Albuquerque. And the great thing about this strategy is that it does not require any increase in expenditures or …


Lobo Labs: A New Course for Student Entrepreneurs

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  One of the goals of the innovationAcademy is to change the way UNM teaches based on the way students learn. Its curriculum is centered on experiential, in-the-field training that cuts across disciplines and breaks out of the classroom, placing students in contact with established businesses and entrepreneurs. The innovationAcademy rounded out its first year with over 420 students in …

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Technology Commercialization: Can it be easy?

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The potential to create startups from the research and technology we have sitting right here in our backyard is too big of an opportunity to overlook. A few years ago, after City Alive’s planning year, poet Hakim Bellamy wrote, “There’s a city inside me, and it’s alive.” I couldn’t have said it better. Our work and our city are living, …

Molino Project Launches Its Pilot

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City Alive’s Molino Project is launching its pilot project focused on increasing connections across Albuquerque’s business support agencies. Streamlining the process for entrepreneurs who are starting or scaling up a business has been on our minds since we got started in 2014. Over the last three years we have been working with partners to identify areas where City Alive could …

Two Nonprofits Recognized as Job Creators

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The Mayor’s Prize for Entrepreneurship and Healthy Neighborhoods ABQ recognized with City Alive Job Creator Award for their contributions to job growth in Albuquerque On July 20th two nonprofit programs were recognized for their contributions to Albuquerque’s job growth, which is now in its 43nd consecutive month of positive growth. Healthy Neighborhoods ABQ, a program led by UNM Health Sciences …