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2016 Reflections from the ABQLC Steering Committee

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2016 Reflections from the ABQLC Steering Committee

ABQLC steering committee members Mayor Berry and Terry Laudick reflect on the Initiative’s progress in 2016.

In 2013 we set a shared vision of job creation and economic mobility through innovation and entrepreneurship. Reflecting back on 2016, it is clear that making our vision a reality means creating conditions for economic growth while also focusing on equity and serving all members of our community.

Two of our Steering Committee members, Mayor Berry and Terry Laudick, reflected on the Initiative’s progress in 2016. Here’s what they had to say:


Richard J. Berry, Mayor, City of Albuquerque

“We made some real strides last year. We’ve seen an impressive 37 consecutive months of job growth since economic recovery started in fiscal year 2012. Median incomes are rising in Albuquerque. Our poverty rate is declining and home sales are up. But those aren’t the only indicators of progress. With the groundbreaking at InnovateABQ this past year, Albuquerque’s downtown is well positioned to become a vibrant space for entrepreneurs, thinkers, inventors and students to live, work and play. And in just a few years’ time, we’ve added six new business accelerators and incubators that provide support to our city’s entrepreneurs. In Albuquerque we’re investing in the future, and our collective impact work through Living Cities has been a big part of this progress. Our Integration Initiative is all about creating a vibrant and supportive environment in which to start and grow a business and strengthening our partnerships with the entire community. Each year we make strides toward that goal.”

Terry Laudick, President and CEO, Nusenda Credit Union

“While Albuquerque is becoming a new, thriving home for start-ups, our economy is also driven by small business: from restaurants and studio artists to farmers and retail. We are committed to removing barriers to starting and growing businesses in Albuquerque, from main street and microenterprise, to innovation-led and second stage entrepreneurs. Nusenda, as part of this commitment, has made a very intentional shift in our ways of working over the last years. Alongside many other Albuquerque Living Cities Integration Initiative partners, we have taken collective action to heart, working to make strides toward a vibrant and supportive environment in which to start and grow businesses. Our investment in InnovateABQ and Nusenda’s Co-op Capital program—which is one of ABQLC’s pilot programs—are a couple of great examples of how we are working to support entrepreneurs as they start and grow businesses that help our economy thrive.”

Here’s to a 2017 of even more strides toward our vision of reaching Albuquerque’s potential as a place to live, work and prosper.


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