A collaborative City Alive effort to better support immigrant, refugee and marginalized entrepreneurs across Albuquerque as they build businesses and succeed.

Without it’s partners, the Community Navigator is just an idea: if key supports for entrepreneurs are made more accessible and culturally responsive, if we meet entrepreneurs where they are, and if economic engagement reaches the whole family, then we will see more businesses start, grow and succeed. This will create income and jobs for families within the community.

With the help of our partners – in the philanthropy, nonprofit and service sectors – the idea has become actionable. In response to the Community Navigator concept, the New Mexico Dream Team (NMDT) and Molino Project submitted proposals to better connect entrepreneurial resources in the communities they serve.

With the generous support of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Albuquerque Community Foundation and Wells Fargo bank, the NM Dream Team and Molino, were awarded grants to implement a Community Navigator program.

In partnership with:

The Juntos Collaborative

The NM Dream Team will focus their program on immigrant entrepreneurs primarily from Spanish-speaking countries, especially those that need legal assistance setting up legal entities that enable them to participate more deeply in the formal economy.

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The Molino Project (comprised of Encuentro, South Valley Economic Development Center, WESST and the City Navigator Program) will work with a broader population of immigrant entrepreneurs in the International District and South Valley, leveraging their organizational assets but delivered more directly in the communities.

The City Navigator Program will continue to support main street businesses along the Central Corridor while also expanding into other key neighborhoods.

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