In 2013 Albuquerque was selected along with eight other cities across the United States by Living Cities—a national collaboration of 18 of the world’s largest funders and banks—to receive investment as a Living Cities Integration Initiative. This prestigious support, which includes technical, financial and structural support, seeks to reshape programs, change policies and increase access to resources so that systems can change to improve results, especially for low-income people and people of color. City Alive emerged from Living Cities’ Integration Initiative and has worked ever since to understand and harness Albuquerque’s strengths and assets and to work smarter to support the existing and new entrepreneurs and innovators that are the key to our future.

Living Cities’ interest in Albuquerque developed out of unique—and often rare—partnerships that were developing between senior leaders across sectors and also due to the existing but underutilized research and laboratory assets that could be gamechangers in creating high growth companies right here at home.

Key leaders in City Alive—including the Mayor’s Office, Nusenda Credit Union and the University of New Mexico to name a few—actively leverage their resources to change systems and policies to better meet the needs of people and responsibly reallocate resources for the best results. Research has shown that coordinated investments in innovation, education, entrepreneurship, infrastructure and economic development are key to help cities adapt to new economic realities.

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