Why Big Organizations Support Small

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Square, CNM, Nusenda are part of a new wave of entrepreneurial support To be successful, a startup needs to be profitable, marketable and scalable. It also needs to be attractive to qualified employees, pay competitively, have solid financial backing and access to liquid capital. Easy, right? The high cost and high risk of startup entrepreneurship is enough to discourage even …

Five Years of City Alive Data – The Big Takeaways

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The internet is a web. The interstate is an artery. The economy is an ecosystem. For the human brain, explaining complex ideas with analogy and metaphor helps us relate and understand quickly. In the case of the economic metaphor, however, the imagery not only works to explain the complexity of inputs and outputs, it works literally as well. That is …

Lisa Adkins

Technology Commercialization: Can it be easy?

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The potential to create startups from the research and technology we have sitting right here in our backyard is too big of an opportunity to overlook. A few years ago, after City Alive’s planning year, poet Hakim Bellamy wrote, “There’s a city inside me, and it’s alive.” I couldn’t have said it better. Our work and our city are living, …