The Business World Needs More Artists: Keshet Answers the Call

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This month Netflix announced its planned acquisition of ABQ Studios for $30 million. The deal promises to bring $1 billion in production to New Mexico over the next decade, creating up to 1,000 production jobs a year. Considering the New Mexico economy received $234.2 million in direct spending from the film industry last year, a new $100 million dollar infusion …

Hakim Ballamy and Robin Brulé

Two of Our Own Recognized as Disruptive Leaders

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Robin Brulé and Hakim Bellamy are among 25 national leaders recognized by Living Cities for disruptive leadership Two Albuquerque trailblazers were named “Disruptive Leaders” by Living Cities this month, as part of the organization’s 25th Anniversary Celebration. Robin Brulé and Hakim Bellamy were both chosen for the award after being nominated on social media using the hashtag #Disruptive25. The organization …

Kei Tsuzuki making textiles

The Craft of Giving Back

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Kei and Molly Textiles LLC is not only a highly successful and growing creative business; their social enterprise model supports refugees and immigrants with training, employment and benefits For Kei Tsuzuki and Molly Luethi, giving back to the community was a business priority from the very day they founded their textile printing studio in 2010. United by a shared sense of social …

Shelle Sanchez speaking to guest

Shelle Sanchez: Continuing the Conversation

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The members of the Culture of Entrepreneurship and Inclusion table agreed, whether or not Albuquerque ended up being invited into the second phase of the Living Cities Integration Initiative, their members would continue their conversations. Though officially disbanded, “[the table] was an honest representation of the community and its perspectives. It was an interesting place to have these conversations about …

Pilar Westell, Zendo’s owner

Coffee Is Life: Pilar Westell’s Zendo

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Thinking back, one of the most curious things about the ‘90s was the coffee shop that stood backdrop to so many scenes in TV’s Friends. Aside from Monica’s apartment, the friends would cascade into the Central Perk coffee shop to talk the latest gossip, commiserate with each other on whatever that week’s plot point was, and altogether socialize. I mean, …